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Headshots and LinkedIn!

I did some research and found that Linkedin has over 500 Million members and is slated to top out at 3 Billion!! Not to mention, LinkedIn makes up more than 50% of social traffic to websites! Yes, you read that right. 50%!!

500 Million LinkedIn members, 260 Million logging in monthly, 40% logging in on a daily basis and over 100 Million are senior level decision makers!

What does that mean? It means that before they’ve read about how great your services are, before they’ve checked out your qualifications and the awards you’ve won, they’ve made a split-second decision about your company and youbased on an image. Your headshot is your first impression to a potential client and it should tell folks that you are professional, trustworthy, competent and what your personality is like.

YOU NEED the best representation of you/your Brand to be the first thing they see.

It's speaking FOR you. It's working for you even when you're not available.

Now you don't have to do the math to realize the huge number of missed opportunities that an unprofessional Headshot can potentially cost you. Add to those numbers, profiles with a professional HEADSHOT get 14x more views and 36x more messages!

Don’t have a Professional headshot?

Your competitor just got an advantage over you…and it has nothing to do with your prices.

Call today so we can discuss how to make you MORE MONEY with a Professional Headshot Portrait: 765-499-0055. Email:

Alicia Hodges Portraiture

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